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My name is Chaim Rose and I am a well-known solicitor in Manchester and London with almost 40 years experience specialising in Wills, probate, Trusts and death duty planning and I have a very URGENT message for you.

As soon as the Coronavirus started causing devastation, heartacheand death, I began receiving numerous calls enquiring whether or not I had prepared a Will for a loved one who tragically succumbed to the virus. In each of these cases, there was an almonoh and children left behind. In none of these cases had I been instructed to prepare a Will.

There is a common misconception that loy oleinu where a husband or wife passes away, their assets automatically pass to the survivor. This may be true in a number of cases. However, where the value of the assets is above a certain level, the children can receive a significant part of those assets. This can and often does leave, in particular, a widow financially vulnerable and is certainly not what the husband would have intended. This is quite apart from the position under Halocho where, as a general rule assets pass to the sons with only a limited amount being available for the widow, and in some cases the daughters.

The financial heartache and problems created could easily have been avoided had the Niftar made a Will in accordance with Halocho, setting out his wishes.

Therefore my message to all of you is quite simple.If you have not made a Will, please, please consult your Solicitor immediately and have a Will put in place.

If you want to have a free initial discussion, just email me or call me on 0161 796 7000.

May Hashem be matzil all of us from misos meshunos omeicholoyim ro’im, may all the Cholim have a refuah shleimah bekorov and may the Rabbono Shel Olom take away this terrible magefa, bimahirah veyominou amen.

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