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Chaim (Cyril) Rose - A solicitor specialising in advising and drafting complex wills, probates, lasting powers of attorney and inheritance tax planning
It’s never too early to make a Will! Without a Will, everything you have may not go to those closest to you – as you may have imagined. This could mean that your nearest and dearest lose out and would be left without the security you intended. For the last 30 years, our Solicitors have advised and assisted thousands of Clients and their families to sort out those (often complex) questions about their assets, property and financial affairs. We also specialise in Halachic Wills, probate, Trusts and death duty planning. Why not call us NOW on 0161 796 7000 to make a Will – or update your existing Will. It won’t take long and will be time well spent. You and your family will then have peace of mind.


After a death, it’s important to those left behind that the assets and liabilities are administered speedily and efficiently. We will guide you compassionately through the process and ensure we keep you informed throughout. Whenever you need our service, please call us on 0161 796 7000 or contact us via our online enquiry form and one of our senior solicitors will be pleased to look after the matter for you.

Pricing for Probate Matters

Potential clients should be aware that the following pricing details for probate matters are to be treated as guidelines. They do not constitute a binding quotation, as every probate matter is different. We will endeavour to agree our charges with you at the outset of a matter. In some cases, because of the complexity of a matter, or because there are numerous assets or numerous beneficiaries, or even unascertained beneficiaries, we will furnish you with either an estimate or a range of likely fees. If it should transpire that the time costs are likely to exceed the estimate or the range of fees, we will inform you at the earliest opportunity of any increase in fees which will be necessary and will furnish you with a new estimate or a new range of fees. If we are instructed to only apply for a Grant of Representation
  1. Where the application is straightforward and only entails the completion of an IHT205 (Inheritance Tax – Return of Estate Information), our fees will be £750 plus VAT together with disbursements

If it should also be necessary to complete an IHT217 (Claim for Transfer of Unused Nil Rate Band) our fees will be £850 plus VAT together with disbursements.

  1. Where it is necessary to complete an IHT400 (Inheritance Tax Account) and supporting schedules, our fees are likely to be between £1,250 plus VAT to £1,750 plus VAT plus disbursements.

We would expect you to provide us with the precise information we require in order that we can draft the appropriate probate forms for you. Once the probate papers have been signed, we will make an application to the Probate Registry. Once the grant of representation has been issued, we will forward it to you, together with as many Court copies as are required. You would then be responsible for dealing with the actual administration of the estate.

If we are instructed to deal with the administration of the estate In most cases, we are asked to deal with all the probate work. This includes obtaining the values of assets and liabilities, preparing the probate application and obtaining the grant of representation, dealing with the administration of the estate including payment of all liabilities and taxes, realising, where appropriate, all assets, payment of pecuniary legacies and distributing the residuary estate to the beneficiaries. We will also furnish any necessary Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax advice. Finally, we can also advise on the suitability of a beneficiary signing a Deed of Variation to vary that beneficiary’s legacy under the Will. Please note that unlike many other Solicitors, this firm does not add any SRA (Law Society) mark-up percentage element. This is a fee in excess of the normal time charges. The “mark-up percentage” fee can typically be 1% of the gross value of the estate. For example, the “uplift” on an estate whose value is £1 million, will be £10,000!
  1. For a straightforward estate with minimal assets and only a few beneficiaries, our firm’s fees are likely to be in the region of £1,250-£2,250 plus VAT plus disbursements.
  1. If the estate is more complex and, particularly where there is Inheritance Tax to pay, our firm’s fees are likely to be in the region of £3,000-£5,000 plus VAT plus disbursements.
We also wish to point out that the sale of any property is an entirely separate matter and, if you wish, can be dealt with by our conveyancing department who will make a separate charge in accordance with their normal charging out rates for sales of properties. Disbursements We have mentioned above that in addition to our legal fees for dealing with a probate matter, disbursements will also be payable. There are only normally a few disbursements such as the probate fee and bankruptcy searches on beneficiaries. At the present time, the probate fee is a standard £155. This is the fee which is payable to the Probate Registry on lodging the probate application with them. In addition, 50p is payable for each additional Court copy of the Grant of Representation which is required. Please note that there are currently proposals to increase the probate fees very significantly. These are set out below. Proposed Probate fees
  • Estates worth less than £50,000 will pay nothing
  • Estates from £50,000 to £300,000 –          £ 250
  • Estates from £300,000 to £500,000 –        £ 750
  • Estates from £500,000 to £1 million –       £2,500
  • Estates from £1 million to £1.6 million –    £4,000
  • Estates from £1.6 million to £2 million –    £5,000
  • Estates exceeding £2 million –                   £6,000
How long will it take from the time we are instructed until we have finalised the administration of an estate? We aim to deal with all probate matters speedily and efficiently. For simple estates, a full administration can be completed within 6 months. For more complex estates, particularly where Inheritance Tax is payable, inevitably it will take longer to complete a matter. Unless, though, a matter is unduly complex, we would aim to complete a probate administration within a year. Probate Lawyer – Cyril Rose Cyril Rose is a private client Solicitor specialising in advising and drafting complex Wills Probates and Inheritance Tax planning. Cyril also has an in-depth understanding of the Halachic implications relating to Wills and their interaction with the laws of England and Wales. Cyril also has extensive experience of advising in relation to contentious probate matters.

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